Online Writing Jobs and Freelance Online Jobs is NOT a Scam!

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YES, You CAN Make Money Part Time or Full time as a Freelance Writer Like I Do…

So You are Interested in doing some online writing jobs to make some extra money online but are wondering whether it’s all a scam? It Certainly is NOT!

READ***As a matter of fact, it’s the actual writing assignments clients post to get completed that get scammed, and that is why there are now membership portals which you need to join to access legitimate online jobs for people that are serious about doing these jobs.

***This ensures serious writers complete writing jobs for clients, and those that want writing assignments done can post these with complete confidence for the freelance writers. It’s easy enough to cover the small membership fee by completing a few tasks, and everyone is happy all round!*

Click Here for an Example of a LEGITIMATE Writing Job Portal

Everyone would love to work from home full time doing writing jobs online, but few know how to get started, where to find decent paying writing jobs, or how to structure their time to build up a solid income doing this freelancing work.

Just like you, I tried all sorts of writing jobs online, and initially when starting out the income was fair, but no great shakes. Still I never gave up because I knew the earnings could be scaled up and the potential was massive!

If you read about me at the link above you will see that I have made a superb income in the past doing writing jobs online, and I started out as green as they come, without a clue on exactly how to write or what to write about. There were lots of success stories about freelance writers working from home, and I wanted to become one as well!

I was prepared to learn, and that is what I did, investing in all sorts of courses, guides and training to make me a better writer. The result was that I was earning way over $5000 per month and that was back in 2006 FOR REAL!

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What Did I Accomplish Doing Online Writing Jobs?

From what I learned and the experience I gained, I achieved working from home full time. As a spin-off, I also gained experience in designing websites, creating blogs and internet marketing.  I still do online writing jobs, but today on a larger scale and mostly for myself.

Additionally, I earn an ongoing income from dozens of Kindle books I have published and still do occasionally,  from blogging, doing site and product reviews and from other promotions.

I have helped many others with advice and guidance to write for money online successfully, and all it needs is some perseverance, belief in yourself, and a good work ethic.

The experience comes with practice and investing in training… but best of all you can still earn money by starting out and choosing the easier lower paying online writing jobs while enhancing your writing skills.

Kindle Writing Course

How Can You Get Started Freelance Writing Online?

You can start doing online writing jobs on a small scale like I did by choosing writing assignments by becoming a member of online writing jobs portals. They do charge a fee to be a member but this is because of the many people that have scammed writing jobs in the past.

Like me, you will easily cover this membership fee by completing a few writing assignments for the clients and trust me there are thousands of writing jobs available for all skill levels. Go to the home page and you will find some great legitimate online writing jobs offers you can join with confidence or click below for a recommended TRIAL offer ….( If Still AVAILABLE?)

Over the years I have bought many guides on how to make money online with writing jobs, because I had to learn what people wanted, and how to become a smart writer. Some of these guides were quite expensive at the time, and now many are even no longer available.

Presently I am putting them all together to create a single product so that you can access all of them for one low price…

Freelance Writing Training

Visit this link for more information on this package… or submit a request using the contact form above if you want to get notified… Click Here

Do You Want to Learn How to Make Money Online Doing Writing Work?

Becoming a seasoned high earning writer freelancing from home is all a learning curve, and if you are determined, then you can work from home full time and make money online with online writing jobs as a professional freelancer. Believe me, that if you practice and persist, then the sky truly is the limit in what you can earn online doing online writing jobs, starting part-time, and eventually to full time, earning as much as you desire far in excess of set salary….

Writing Jobs Portal

Just like it is in for most business opportunities that people invest in to make money online, unfortunately, people lose interest too soon, and never follow through to realize their income dreams. Online writing jobs is not a scam, the work is really the potential unending and you can earn with the big boy freelancers up in the thousands of dollars every month.

Perhaps you have a job that just does not earn you enough money to make ends meet and in this case, consider doing online writing jobs part time in evenings and on weekends perhaps. If you are a student, stay at home mum or retired invest in a solid portal to get started doing part-time writing jobs and work hard to build up from there.

This will ultimately give you a consistent income stream while developing your writing skill to allow you to become a full-time writer in the times ahead.

Click Here and You Can Get More Guidance from my Freelance Training Videos on the Eezywealth Channel 

I wish you every success…

Regards Richard

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